Warner Bros Interactive Acquires Rocksteady

It was announced today that Warner Bros Interactive has purchased “Arkham Asylum” developer Rocksteady.  Rocksteady announced late last year that they had begun working on a sequel to the game, which critics considered to be one of the best games of 2009.  For, Warner Bros, who definitely had their biggest hit ever last year with “Arkham Asylum”, the move ensure that they have a high-class developer for their projects, which are mostly based on WB’s film and television licenses.  Though the producer has worked on some high-profile games (Enter the Matrix), many of them have been declared middle-of-the-road by critics.  Buying Rocksteady giving them the in-house muscle to create strong games based on their products, which include Lord of the Rings, DC Comics and Looney Toons.

Though the deal definitely has strong short-term benefits for both sides, Rocksteady may regret the decision five years from now when they are forced to make a game about Bugs Bunny rather than some more interesting project that they could have pursued if they were independent.

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