UK City Names Street After Lara Croft

The city of Derby, UK has announced that they will be naming a street after hometown hero Lara Croft.  Core Design, the developer behind the Tomb Raider series, was based in Derby.  Last July, The city council asked the public for suggestions for street names.  The council narrowed the suggestions down to eight choices, which they put up to an online vote.  According to BBC News, over 89 percent of the vote went to “Lara Croft Way”.  City Councillor Lucy Care said; “Despite my lack of gaming knowledge, I accept that a majority of 89% for Lara Croft is too overwhelming to ignore…  She was created in Derby and deserves to stand alongside some of the more traditional icons of the city.”

Core Design all but disappeared in 2003 after publisher Eidos transferred responsibility for the series over to Crystal Dynamics and many key staff members left to create a new studio, Circle.  The actual studio was shut down in 2006, though the brand “Core Design” still belongs to Eidos.


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