Mystery Countdown Begins on Bioware Websites

A countdown to an unknown announcement or event has begun on the official website of Mass Effect/Dragon Age developer Bioware.  The countdown, which began this afternoon, is not only running the main Bioware website, but also the homepages for each of their franchises, implying that whatever happens will affect the entire Bioware lineup.

As of 3/23/10, 8:35 pm EST, the countdown reads “5 Days, 9 Hours and 24 Minutes”, which means that the countdown ends at noon on Monday, March 29’th.  As of now, there is absolutely no indicator of what the event could be: Bioware just released the expansion, Dragon Age: Awakening last week, so there is almost no chance that there’s going be a new release.  What could it be?  We’ll just have to wait til Sunday to find out.

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