Bulgarian City Councilman Canned For Playing Farmville in Meetings

In what must be one of the stupidest stories in video game news history, Dimitar Kerin, a city councilman in Plovdiv, Bulgaria was fired from his post after being repeatedly caught playing Farmville during meetings.  The city council voted to remove Kerin by shockingly narrow margin, 20-19.  Kerin, unhappy with the results, responded by declaring that he needed to play more because members of the council in the opposition party had leveled-up higher than him; rightist Democrat Daniela Zhelyazkova had a level 46 farm, while Kerin’s was only level 40.

QUIZ:  This story proves that; A)  Video Game Addiction is real.  B)  Farmville is the Crack of video games; it’s cheap (free) and highly addictive.  C)  Farmville is stupid.  D)  All of the above.

ANSWER:  Do I really need to say it?


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