Blizzard Bans Over 300,000 Cheaters From Battle.Net

Blizzard reported via press release yesterday that they have recently kicked 320,000 users off of Battle.Net for various breaches of the company’s terms of use while playing either Diablo II or Warcraft III.  For those you not familiar with Blizzard’s policies for cheaters, first time offenders’ Battle.Net accounts are put on hold for 30 days, while repeat offenders are permanently banned from the site.  Of course, all decisions made by Blizzard are final, so do not try and fight it if you’ve been banned:  They do not care.  That said, users are distinguished by the CD keys that come with the game, so getting banned really means you have to buy another copy in order to play online.

You know what freaks me about this more than anything else?  There are still 320,000 people still playing Diablo II and Warcraft III!?  Remember that, if 320,000 people were caught cheating, that means there are millions of players with active Battle.Net accounts playing those games.  Warcraft III is 8 years old, and Diablo turns 10 this summer:  In a medium so focused on the cutting edge and moving forward, it is amazing to see that ANY game, even ones as great as Diablo II and Warcraft III, still have such a large and devoted following.

Good for You, Blizzard.


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