Gamestop Hands Out Starcraft II Beta Keys with Pre-Order

It’s just a Blizzard kind of day, I guess.

Gamestop has started promoting an offer for gamers who pre-order Starcraft II.  Gamestop will either send you a key via e-mail within 24 hours, or print out the code on the receipt when you throw down your 5-spot at the store.  There is one catch, though – there are no cancellations when you pre-order the game.

Gamestop has gotten into the habit of promoting AAA games by offering some kind of incentive to pre-order games.  Normally, the offer involves some kind of DLC like a costume or weapon:  It’s enough to make someone  pre-order a game if they were already planning on buying it, but not enough to persuade gamers who aren’t sure.  Given the fervor when the Starcraft II beta went online, a key definitely rates as something much more valuable.

My guess?  Gamestop is going to be very happy with the results of this deal.


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