Manhunt 3 Gets Shut Down Before it Even Starts

Manhunt, Rockstar’s Saw-esque stealth murdering game, has always had a cult following.  Despite the series’ lack of critical support, there are just some people who really love the game’s brutal nature.  Chief among those fans were the games’ developers themselves, who had already begun pre-production on the third entry in the series:  According to Gofanboy, they had even begun working on a control scheme for the Playstation Move. Unfortunately for them (and every other Manhunt fan) Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two saw those ideas and have already told them that there is no chance of their being a “Manhunt 3”.  “Manhunt 3” would’ve been the first entry on PS3…

Well, technically it still could be, Rockstar hasn’t officially said anything about the future of the series.

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