Rumor: Visceral Games is Gearing Up for Dante’s Inferno 2

A posting on the Gamasutra job board has implied that Dead Space 2 developer Visceral Games has already begun planning for their next project, a sequel to the 2009 literary adaptation of the Divine Comedy, “Dante’s Inferno.”  For those unfamiliar with literature, Dante’s divine comedy is split into three volumes; Inferno, Purgatorio (Purgatory) and Paradiso. (Paradise)  Three books.  Three games.  It makes perfect sense, right?

The job posting is for an environmental artist, whom they need for the follow-up to “bold new franchise…  heavily back by EA.”  In addition to being their newest franchise, “Inferno” is Visceral’s only other active franchise besides “Dead Space.”  Given that “Dead Space 2” is already in the works…  There just aren’t a whole lot of things it could be.  The news that EA is pushing for “Inferno 2” is not even remotely surprising.  The game is primed for a sequel, and based on the level of support EA put behind the original…  Well, it was only a matter of time.

“Dead Space 2” will likely be released in early 2011, so “Dante’s Inferno 2”, assuming it’s already in pre-production, won’t be around until early-to-mid 2012.


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