Killzone 3 Announced

After months of rumors, Sony has confirmed that “Killzone 3” is on the way and that, yes, it is being designed with 3D in mind.  Series developer Guerilla gave Gamepro the exclusive first look, which will be featured in their upcoming June issue.  Luckily for us, their readers have wasted no time in shouting the news to anybody who’ll listen.  According to one reader account, noteworthy features the abundant use of jet-packs, “diverse terrain” (though the feature seems to focus on an “arctic” setting), and a plot that’s even more epic than its predecessors.

Of course, “noteworthy” changes are small potatoes compared to the game’s biggest new feature:  “Killzone 3” will be in 3D.  Killzone was already the most high-profile series in the still-infentile 3D gaming market – “Killzone 2” will be made 3D retroactively via firmware this summer.  Supposedly, the addition of 3D is a “game-changer,” adding “crazy effects.”  Killzone 3 is breaking barriers in its own right, being the first major game franchise to announce utilize for 3D TV tech.

Though the feature did not include a release date (as far as I know), persistent rumors speculate that the game will be released next spring (Likely), possibly in April, (Maybe) possibly going head-to-head with “Gears of War 3” on April 8th (Unlikely). Of course, all of this “confirmed” info is coming third-hand, so the difference is…  Well lets just say they aren’t as far apart on the credibility scale as I’d like.  For now, I’d suggest scouring your local newsstand/bookstore/post office for a copy of the June issue of Gamepro.

I’ll try and get more info ASAP – in the meantime, here are some scans of the magazine, courtesy of “Easyle” of the Gamespot forums.

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