Gamestop to Offer New Premium Membership Program

Not a lot of people love Gamestop’s current rewards program, the Edge card.  It’s not a bad deal, really – For 20 bucks, Gamestop customers get 10 ten percent off used games, 10 percent more money for trade-ins and a subscription to Game Informer.  So it’s not a terrible deal, but nothing to get excited about either.  Well, Gamestop has caught to their customers’ lack of enthusiasm and a new rewards program is being tested as we speak.

The new “PowerUp” program is a points-based rewards system.  Members get 10 points for every dollar spent on new games, and 20 points for every dollar spent on used games and trade-ins.  Points can be traded in for coupons or even gaming accessories like controllers or headsets.  Of course, in order to get the good stuff you have to spend a ridiculous amount of money.

In addition, every purchase at Gamestop enters “PowerUp” cardholders into special drawings for “Epic Reward Giveaways” like trips or entrance to online betas.  Since each purchase counts as an entry, the program encourages members to shop frequently, but it also encourages them to buy one game at a time, even when they’re planning on buying more.

Lastly, the “PowerUp” program will also include a free option, which will allow more frugal gamers to use the “rewards points” system.  Paying members will get the “edge” discounts, coupons and gifts, and extra entries into the “Epic Rewards”.

“PowerUp” is currently in “beta”, being tested by customers in Ohio, Tennessee and Missouri.  The program is on track to nationwide some time in June.  If you want more info straight from the horse’s mouth, check out the “PowerUp” beta website.

(via Kotaku)

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