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New Intel on the Goldeneye Remake

You want a Goldeneye Re-Make?  YOU CAN’T HANDLE A GOLDENEYE REMAKE!

Well, maybe you can.  These prospective box art images, part of an upcoming customer survey from Activision, got leaked to GoNintendo.  Mumblings about the re-make have intensified since Activision registered a Goldeneye website,  Shortly after, word came out that Activision had planned to release the original N64 game as a downloadable, but that it (and presumably any Other Goldeneye projects) were being held up by legal issues revolving around the various licensing agreements required to publish a re-make of a game based on a film franchise…

According to Eurogamer, the new Goldeneye, now a Nintendo exclusive, is out of development limbo and on track to be in stores this holiday season.  If that’s even close to true, there will be a HUGE unveiling at E3.  So make yourself a martini and keep your eyes peeled, because it seems like good news is on the way.

Screens Leak Spider-Man 2099 As Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Third World

All Games Beta posted some VERY interesting screenshots today.  Assuming these images are legit, it looks like Spider-Man 2099 will be the third world featured in Activision’s “Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.”  In the game, players will switch up between four of the Web-Crawlers more distinct universes.  So far Activision had shown off two worlds, Amazing (normal) Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir, while holding back the other two worlds to build hype and keep fans on their toes.  Activision hasn’t confirmed that these screens are from “Shattered Dimensions”, but if you can think of another game that these could be from, please feel free to clarify.

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Killzone 3 Teaser

Ever since SCEE and Guerilla Games let it slip that Killzone 3 is in the works last month, there has been a steady stream of new info coming about the game – It’s coming.  It’s gonna be in 3D.  It’s going to push the limits of what the PS3 can do.  Now, Sony has released the “debut trailer” for the game.  No, the trailer doesn’t show off anything substantial about the game:  It’s a classic “show off your visuals to look cool and get people excited” kind of trailer.

Medal Of Honor Screenshots

Three things we know about the new Medal of Honor:

1.  Players will infiltrate caves in Afghanistan

2.  You may spend a lot of time sniping

3.  It looks pretty cool

EA currently plans to release “Medal of Honor” this fall.

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Pokemon Black and White US Release Confirmed, Dated

Nintendo confirmed today that the next pair of Pokemon games, Black and White, will be released in the US and Europe.  The games will be released in the west Spring 2011.  For the Japanese (and import fans) the game will become available far sooner, some time this September.

Check here for more info about Pokemon Black and White.

E3 News – Valve Cancels Portal 2 Event, Announces “Surprise”

With E3 less than two weeks away, it’s finally time to stop mentioning the show and start actually talking about it!  Unfortunately, the our prE-3 news could be considered bad news, though I have a feeling it’ll turn out to be for the best.  Valve announced yesterday that they are canceling their “Portal 2” unveiling event, which was set for June 14th, just before the official show began.  Bummer.

Like I said, its not bad news though – Valve said that, instead of the “Portal 2 event”, there will be a “surprise” event for attendees.  Also, Valve’s note ensures E3 attendees, and the public, that Portal 2 will be on display and available for screenings at the Valve booth during the main show.  (Read the whole note after the jump, courtesy of 1up)

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Rumor: Microsoft Will Announce Hulu Service for Xbox 360 at E3

According to tech news site Gear Live, (Via Kotaku) Microsoft will announce at E3 that Xbox Live users will be able to stream television and movies from Hulu with a paid subscription.  The announcement wouldn’t be much of a surprise; rumors of a similar subscription-based Hulu service for the iPad, as well as a premium version of the video streaming site for PCs have been around for a LONG time now.

In addition to making Hulu Xbox Live-ready, the consensus is that the premium service would allegedly give members access to an expanded library of content:  For example, while current and future non-paying Hulu users are only able to watch the five most recently aired episodes of a TV show like “Glee”, premium members would be able to watch the entire season.  Another rumor alleges that premium subscribers would also see fewer ads while they watched.

The biggest mystery that remains is how much the premium and/or Xbox Live Hulu service will cost.  Also, based on what that price, will Xbox Live members be able to pay a smaller fee for access to content that would be free on a browser.  On that note, rumormongers have connected the Hulu-Xbox Live service to longstanding murmuring about a new “Platinum” level Xbox Live service.

Thats a lot of rumors.  Rumors contingent on other rumors.  Overall, however, there is a single consistent message that is clear and more than likely will occur – Hulu will be available on Xbox Live, and you will have to pay extra for it.  Knowing that, who you pay isn’t that important.

Alleged Alpha Protocol Developer Bashes His Own Game

Planning to go get your copy of the so-called “Spy-RPG” “Alpha Protocol” today?  You might wanna re-think that decision after hearing this.

“AP” hasn’t been received particularly well by the media – The game has a Metacritic score of 67, for example.  Scores and ratings aside, you know a game is bad when its creators are trying to distance themselves from the project.  One review in particular, though, is worthy of special attention:  In response to a particularly bad review from Joystiq, an anonymous poster alleging to be a member of the game’s development team slammed the game’s producers, claiming that the game shouldn’t have ever been released.

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Uplifting Mario Ad

An oldie but if you haven’t seen it, then you need to.  Honestly the best ad for a video game I’ve ever seen and it’s not even real.  Earth to Nintendo – PAY THIS MAN.


Did you like seeing how to make a portable N64?  Well, if you thought that was cool, then you will be blown away by this.  Chinese Modder XCKDIY also felt the need to bring his old-school gaming on the go, but he wanted something a little more stylish…

So he built his into a boombox!

Though XCKDIY hasn’t handed out his instructions on how to re-create his masterpiece, it looks like he pretty much hollowed the stereo.  All we can see is that he’s put in a small screen where the tape deck should be, with controller ports below it.

Don’t believe the Dreamcast Boombox is real?  XCKDIY thought you might be skeptical, so he made a video of the machine in action.

(Via TinyCartridge)