EA Announces Dead Space 2 DLC on Launch Day

EA announced today that a DLC pack for Dead Space 2 is already underway.  The announcement serves an extra bit of incentive for gamers to go pick up the highly anticipated sequel, which hits store shelves today.  Neither the DLC or the announcement comes as much of a surprise:  The Dead Space franchise has rapidly grown into one of the publisher’s largest properties, and publishers regularly announce DLC for high-profile titles in first week of their release.

Dead Space 2: Severed will be a two chapter stand-alone story that runs parallel to the main Dead Space 2 plot.  Instead of playing as protagonist Issac Clarke, Severed focuses on Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdoch, characters from the previously Wii-exclusive side-story, Dead Space: Extraction.  If you balk at the decision to base DLC on a game that’s only playable on a separate console, don’t fret.  Extraction comes included with the “limited” and “special” editions of Dead Space 2 on PS3.  The game will also be available for 15 dollars via PSN if you picked up the regular edition.  Unfortunately, Xbox fans are out of luck since the Kinect has no button.

One important note for Dead Space fans:  Severed will be released on Xbox Live and PSN “soon”, according to EA, but the publisher said that it has no plans to release the DLC on the PC.  So if you haven’t already run out and picked up your copy of the game, PC gamers, I would consider buying the game on console instead.

Besides, why you buy this game on anything other than PS3 when Visceral and EA have so seriously stacked the deck  in Sony’s favor?

(Via 1up)

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