Platinum Games Announces “Max Anarchy”

Bayonetta and Vanquish fans rejoice!  Developer Platinum Games has revealed to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that they’ve begun work on their fifth collaboration with Sega.  Titled “Max Anarchy”, this game will be an online action game, and Platinum’s first featuring online play.

The Famitsu spread features an interview with producer Atsushi Inaba and screenshots of characters, including Madworld protagonist Jack, fighting with “chainsaws and torches”, according to Joystiq.

That said, there has been no indication that “Anarchy” is a sequel to Madworld.  If it is, Platinum has decided to drop the originals distinctive black and white (and red) color scheme.  Seeing this, we have to ask:

Will Sam Gideon and Bayonetta get in on the action too?

Expect more news to come – According to Famitsu, Max Anarchy should be released in Japan “this year.”

(via Joystiq)


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