Super Bowl Commercial to Feature “Secret” Angry Birds Code

Nobody actually watches the Super Bowl.  I mean, hundreds of millions of Americans tune in, but very few people actually pay attention to what’s going on.  Since most football fans’ favorites teams aren’t playing people pay more attention to the beer, the food, and the infamously expensive commercials.  At the same time, in the past year millions of bored people have turned to iPhone games like, say, Angry Birds, to kill time.

I think you know where this is going.

A Super Bowl ad for the upcoming animated movie Rio will include a hidden code for a free level of Angry Birds for the iPhone.  The code unlocks a single level from the Rio-themed Angry Birds game, which will become available on the iPhone app store in March, shortly before the movie’s release.

Finding the code will not be easy.  Viewers will actually need to pause/slow down their TVs:  The code will only be on a single frame of the commercial, so you won’t be able to see it with the commercial running at full speed.  That might seem like a big hassle for just one level, but there is an added bonus:  Downloading the level will enter you in a sweepstakes for a trip to Rio de Janeiro and tickets to the Rio premiere.

As I mentioned, Angry Birds: Rio will be released some time in March, and the film Rio will be in theaters on April 15th.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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