Dance Central Survey Points to Potential New Features

A recent survey from Microsoft shows some of the types of features the studio is looking into for the sequel.  Dance Central 2 has supposedly been in pre-production since before the original was even released.

Some of potential features look to expand the game’s functionality; the ability to choreograph custom dances will appeal to core fans, while the addition of back-up dancers will add some Rock-Bandesque co-op gameplay.  Apparently there may also be a “fitness mode”, pushing the game even further into the casual zone.   There are also some technical improvements listed; the ability to replay specific portions of a dance and more helpful advice on how to improve.

None of these features is confirmed.  Technically the game isn’t even official yet.  With Harmonix’ shaky financial support system, nothing is certain.  Still, as long as Harmonix is open, fans can probably expect that DC2 is on the way.

Check out the full survey below.  Which new features would you like to see in Dance Central 2?

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Via Joystiq

One response to “Dance Central Survey Points to Potential New Features

  1. Nothing on that list is really a new feature; were the game an operating system we would expect a patch to address the “issues” highlighted.

    The campaign mode described sounds lame; for this to be a success they need to take the character on an adventure that involves more than dancing. Consider the Dancing as a courtship and provide a Campaign with the depth of a game such as Mafia.

    The current work out mode has flaws; all that is described is a fix.

    You can already download new songs; and Microsoft and Harmonix might consider that the current user of the current game might like to customize the Dancers and purchase new Outfits.

    I think the current game is brilliant; the lists above however are not worthy of the purchase of another game. I’d spend my cash on something else.

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