True Crime: Hong Kong Gets Shanghaied

Activision announced today via press release that they have stopped production on their mob-themed open-world action game True Crime: Hong Kong.  Activision said that the game was cancelled in order to preserve the company’s commitment to only releasing top-quality games and “the desire to focus on the greatest opportunities that the company currently has to create the world’s best interactive entertainment experiences.”  In other words, since they knew True Crime wasn’t going to be as successful as Call of Duty, they canned it.  Admittedly, the True Crime franchise had a reputation of being somewhat of a GTA clone, albeit one of the better ones – putting your weight behind a horse that’s shooting for second place simply isn’t Activision’s style.

On a separate, but also unsurprising note; the release also announced that Activision this year’s entry in the Guitar Hero franchise.  Last year’s edition, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was released in September to middling reviews and even worse sales.

Via 1up


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