Activision Developing Call of Duty “Digital Platform”

For years, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick’s dream has been to find a way to charge a subscription fee for Call of Duty.  CoD is one of the biggest, most lucrative franchises in the video game industry and it would make sense that he (and Activision) would want to take advantage of that.  In spite of that, Activision has said they would “never” charge for access to CoD multiplayer.  Rumors of CoD adding a subscription have been met with intense displeasure.

With that in mind, Activision announced the formation of a new subsidiary developer, Beachhead Studios, to develop a new “digital platform” to “support” the Call of Duty series.  The platform, which has apparently been in the works for the past year, will…  well it’s purpose is still somewhat uncertain.  According to Kotick, the platform will; “[focus] on the delivery, digitally, of new, innovative Call of Duty content and services [that] will enable tens of millions of players around the world to continue to enjoy the experience that Call of Duty offers.”  Also, “The platform will support in-game integration and bring online experiences and console play together for the first time.”

So basically, this could be one of two things:  A)  A massive stat-tracking community site in the vein of Halo Waypoint.  Or B)  This will somehow create the subscription service that Kotick has wanted all along.  It could also be both of those thing together – A subscription service for access to extra CoD content, including enhanced stat-tracking.

Considering how little concrete information was actually released today, it should come as no surprise that Kotick was also ambiguous on when they will be releasing more information:  “We look forward to sharing more specifics on this exciting new endeavor with you in the near future.”  Prediction:  “Near future” = E3.

What do you think?  Is this a turning point for the Call of Duty series?

Via Joystiq

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