Unofficial World of Warcraft, Starcraft Theme Parks Coming to China

Yes, Cosplayers.  You read that headline correctly.

A new amusement park being constructed in China, Joyland World, will have World of Warcraft and World of Starcraft themed areas.  The “Terrain of Warcraft” and “Universe of Starcraft” look pretty authentic based on the concept art. (Check it out after the jump.)

The “Terrain of Warcraft”

The “Universe of Starcraft”

Unfortunately, the names and pictures are we can really say about the park for now.  ToW looks like it’s based on a night elf village, while UoS is distinctly Protoss-inspired.  If you can read chinese, check out the park’s website; if there’s anything else about it up there, I’m sure there are plenty of WoW fans out there who’d love to know more.

At this point, it seems that the park is not even slightly endorsed by Activision/Blizzard, but the Chinese are very laissez-faire about copyright law, so it’s apparently not an issue for them.  That also explains why the parks would be in China over South Korea.

The question is; would you travel to China to see Warcraft and Starcraft brought to life, or is Blizzcon enough to fulfill your live-action fantasy needs?

Via Gamesradar

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