Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Images

Pictures of a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade cabinet were leaked today on twitter by designer Katsuhiro Harada.  Tekken Tag 2 will be playable at the AOU Amusement expo, a Japanese Arcade development trade show that starts later this week., and comes to arcades this summer.  That may be very little to American gamers, but arcades are still common in Japan.

As the screenshots say, this machine is a test version, not the final, so nothing shown is guaranteed to look that way at release.  The screens look nice and shiny.

There is no set console release date for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Harada has said that the game will be released some time between Tekken x Street Fighter and Street Fighter x Tekken. The console version will supposedly have exclusive characters and extra modes/features.

Via Gamesradar

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