EA Rejects Mirrors Edge 2 Proposal

EA has rejected a proposal for a sequel to cult favorite Mirror’s Edge, according to Swedish gaming site Press2play.  Developer DICE had been working on a prototype of the game at the end of last year, according to the report, but in December decided that project would not bear fruit and shut it down.

EA Games president Frank Gibeau, speaking to Develop, said that the new Mirror’s Edge “fell short”, specifically citing the lack of multiplayer as a problem for the publisher.  EA has said recently that games single-player centric gaming is being phased out, and that all of their properties will include some form of multiplayer.  Knowing that, it’s not so surprising that Mirror’s Edge has been discontinued.  Furthermore, DICE is the developer of the Battlefield series – EA is most likely hesitant to support any DICE project that might take away from their work on the series.

While it is disappointing, publishers have become increasingly committed to finding ways to maintain the viability of an individual game through multiplayer and DLC in order to increase revenue and prevent resales.  That said, killing a perfectly good game simply because it might potentially get traded back to Gamestop doesn’t bode well for a wide range of games, ranging from experimental gameplay types to traditional genres that don’t fit a specific marketing strategy.  Of course, games and even whole studios have been deemed unworthy for far less.  (Harmonix & Bizarre Creations are two recent examples)

Do you think that EA’s overarching decision to discount single-player experiences is a mistake?

From Press2Play via Gamesradar

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