Dead Island Trailer

Dead Island, a project from Call of Juarez developer Techland, has actually been around for a pretty long time – the game was first announced in the summer of 2009.  The reason you probably havent heard of it is because no one has said anything about it since…  Until now.

Techland finally decided to talk, giving IGN the update to remind everyone that, yes, the game is real.  Doubly so now that Deep Silver (Nail’d, Risen) has signed on to publish the game. You can’t tell from the trailer, but Dead Island is a first person action/RPG/survival horror game.  In the game, you are a tourist vacationing ar the Royal Palms Resort in Papua New Guinea.  Since your on an island resort, your goal is simple – Escape.

I would start talking about the trailer, but honestly you should just watch it.  If Dead Island is half as interesting as this trailer, then it’s going to be a very fun, frightening and possibly heart wrenching game.

From IGN via Joystiq

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