Team Ninja Suggests You Play Dead Or Alive Dimensions 3D… Without the 3D

Dead or Alive Dimensions 3D developer Team Ninja is apparently unhappy with how their game looks in 3D.  Lead designer Yosuke Hayashi says that players who want a “hardcore” DoA experience should play the game without the console’s namesake visuals.  It’s  not what you think, though.  Hayashi says that the game’s framerate drops too much when the game is played, so he suggests players turn the 3D off in order to make sure the game runs smoothly.  In 2D, Dimensions runs at a very smooth 60 fps, but when the 3D is on, regardless of the mode or the position on the console’s 3D slider, the framerate regularly drops well below 30 fps.

Admittedly, the 3D in Dimensions aren’t exactly an integral component of DoA Dimensions.  Having played the game in New York last month, Dimensions uses the 3DS’ unique capabilities to enhance the backgrounds and add enhanced background effects.  In 2D the game is exactly the same DoA experience you’ve been playing for years.  It’s not that big a loss.  Even so, when “3D” is in name, it’s a bit disheartening to see the developer warn players away from the games main new component.

The real question is; will Team Ninja’s announcement be a fluke, or the first of many.  Dimensions is a 3DS “launch window” title, so the problem may be a development hurdle that other studios are having trouble with.  Either way, the statement does not bode well for Nintendo, who has put all of their eggs into the 3D basket.  Even if the problem never occurs in another game ever again, it shines a light on the fact Nintendo’s 3D tech doesn’t do a whole lot to make its games more interesting or fun.


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