Telltale Games Developing Fables & Walking Dead Comic Series Adaptations

Telltale Games, the newly crowned king of random film-to-game adaptations, announced today that they are developing a game based on two popular comic series, Fables and The Walking Dead.  Rumors of the Walking Dead game have been floating around since before the announcement of the series’ TV adaptation, which premiered last fall.  Though it hasn’t been confirmed, both games will likely be serialized DLC games similar to their current version of Back to the Future and their upcoming retelling of Jurassic Park.

The Walking Dead is the story  of a band of traveller in a zombie apocalypse, which focuses on social strains between the living in their new environment.  In other words, the comic is filled with moments like the one in the Dead Island trailer that was posted earlier today.

Fables takes all of the characters nursery rhymes and fairy tales and transposes them into modern times, many of the characters are adult twists (read: complex and fallible, not sexual… at least not all the time) of their fairy tale personas.  Fables was actually also on track to make the jump to TV a script was greenlit by both ABC and NBC, 4 and 6  years ago, respectively.

While both properties are ripe for game adaptations, with Telltale already working on episodic DLC versions Back to the Future and Jurassic Park, it seems like they may be wearing themselves a little thin.  That said, Telltale did not describe any kind of timetable for when we would see these games, so they could be waiting until one or both of their current series are complete before working on these new properties.  It’s more likely, however, that work on these games has already begun and we’ll be seeing more of these games before to long.

Via 1up

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