Infamous 2 Jumpstarts PS3 on June 7th

SCEA and developer Sucker Punch announced today that long-awaited super hero sequel Infamous 2 will be hitting stores on June 7th.  The release coincides with the beginning of E3, which could be an ominous sign; syncing the game’s release may force critics to put their reviews on hold to cover the conference – using a strategy like that COULD be seen as a not-so-subtle way of saying that the game might not hold up to journalistic scrutiny.  (Of course, it could also simply be coincidence, but that doesn’t make for an interesting story, does it.)  Of course, since the original Infamous was a great game, Sucker Punch probably deserves the benefit of the doubt.

SCEA also detailed the contents of Infamous 2‘s “Hero Edition”, the now-obligatory first-run collectors edition.  For 99.99, hardcore fans will get;

  • an 8.5-inch statue of Cole
  • a replica messenger bag
  • a mini-comic
  • the game’s soundtrack
  • and a set of special DLC, including special abilities and in-game items.

Now, even if you aren’t planning on shelling out extra cash, you can still at least pick up some of that DLC.  Pre-ordering the game will net you a single piece of DLC – what you get depends on where you get the game.

  • Reserving the game on Amazon will get the 24K Gold version of Cole’s “Amp” weapon.
  • Best Buyers get a character model of inFamous’ original villain, Kessler.
  • Pre-ordering at GameStop gets you the telekinetic “Lightning Hook” power.
  • Walmart is offering the radical-sounding “Electrocution Grenade” ability.

I’m normally not a fan of collectors editions (why not buy more games instead?) but cool recreations of stuff from the game (the bag) always make me think twice.  Of course, it helps that I loved the original Infamous.  So, are you going to get the “Hero Edition”, the normal version, or just pass all together?

Via Joystiq

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