Monthly Archives: June 2011

Interning at Kotaku, That’s Where I’ve Been for The Past Few Months.

Writing that last post, I realized that, in terms of this blog, I dropped of the face of the planet a few months ago.

Here’s what happened: Shortly after PAX East in march I started working as an intern at Kotaku where I wrote lots of articles for them, and even got to fly to LA and cover E3. My internship, however, has come to an end and I realized that I’ve been ignoring you folks. This simply will not do.

So I apologize for stepping out on you, my faithful readers. Hopefully, you can forgive my brief disappearance and we can go back to our old routine. I write. You read. We all play video games.

Kotaku Game Club Today!

In case you haven’t heard (Which you probably havent because I’ve never talked about it on this blog) I am now a columnist at Kotaku! I’m running the Kotaku Game Club, a discussion group where we play a game together and discuss it, chapter by chapter. Yes, it’s called the “game club” because it’s just like a “book club”, but with video games.
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