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Interning at Kotaku, That’s Where I’ve Been for The Past Few Months.

Writing that last post, I realized that, in terms of this blog, I dropped of the face of the planet a few months ago.

Here’s what happened: Shortly after PAX East in march I started working as an intern at Kotaku where I wrote lots of articles for them, and even got to fly to LA and cover E3. My internship, however, has come to an end and I realized that I’ve been ignoring you folks. This simply will not do.

So I apologize for stepping out on you, my faithful readers. Hopefully, you can forgive my brief disappearance and we can go back to our old routine. I write. You read. We all play video games.

Angry Birds Cake is Fully Playable

For my birthday one year when I was a kid, my parents got a Mario-themed cake.  Even though this cake is for Angry Birds, it still blows that one out of the water.  A cake you can play… What can’t nerds do?

Super Smash Bros Goes 8-Bit

I’m willing to bet that many, if not most Super Smash Bros fans have wondered what the series would have looked like on Nintendo’s older consoles like SNES, NES and Game Boy.  Super Smash Land FINALLY gives us answers, transposing Nintendo’s number one fighting series to Game Boy-like graphics, etc.

Creator Dan Forace is very passionate about his de-make, though.  The full game has not been released yet, but you get your retro Smash jollies by downloading the demo for windows here.  (Or, if you’re a Mac gamer like me, you can just watch the trailer and drool…)

Via Joystiq

Shirt of the Week/Day: “Now That’s a Hammer, Bro!”


Side Note:  I definitely want to see this way more than the real Thor movie.

Since Teefury only sells their shirts for a single day, you better jump on this fast if you’re interested.  At 12:00 am on Tuesday, it’ll be gone…

Happy Birthday Legend of Zelda!

The original Legend of Zelda on NES went on sale in Japan 25 year ago today.  Link and the Zelda series continue to be among the worlds most recognized gaming icons.  There has been a Legend of Zelda game on every Nintendo console (and one random other one) since the original NES.  Many of those games became generation-defining experiences across each Nintendo console, including Ocarina of Time for the N64, which is often regarded as the single best game ever made. (I’m more of a Link to the Past guy, myself)

So Happy Birthday to Link, Zelda, Gannon and all of their adventures.  Let’s hope Skyward Sword is your best game yet!


The Gamerator Finally Lets Us Get Beer and Video Games From the Same Place

I have three questions for you:

  1. Do you love playing video games and drinking beer?
  2. Specifically, do you enjoy playing retro arcade games ranging from Atari to early 90s-era games like Street Fighter II?
  3. Do you have an extra 3500 bucks lying around OR can you somehow scrape together 3500 dollars without losing your house?

If the answer is yes on all counts, then there is a device that you seriously consider acquiring.  BEHOLD!  The GAMERATOR!

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Shirt of the Week: “Experimental Mine Set”

First Minecraft shirt?

From: Shirt.Woot

The Waiting for Godot Game is a Philosophy Student’s Wet Dream

So meta…

From Buzzfeed

Burn the Candle at Both Ends with the Great Gatsby De-Make

The Great Gatsby, widely regarded as one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century, is not exactly a common choice for video game adaptation.  Developer Charlie Hoey thought differently.


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French Performer Plays Real-World Mario Kart

Apparently the French take Mario Kart very seriously.

Performance artist Remi Gaillard decided that the French don’t get enough excitement in their lives.  In order to cause to chaos, Gaillard dresses up like Mario, tools around town in a red go-kart and throws plush shells at people.  This is actually Remi Kart 2; Gaillard already pulled the exact same stunt once back in 2008.  Making his own seemingly random “course,” Gaillard goes for an authentic Mario Kart experience, throwing bananas behind him on the highway and driving through a supermarket, stopping to pick up more bananas, of course.

Unfortunately, just like his first Mario Kart run in 2008, the ride ends with him getting pulled over by police.

From The Daily What via Geekosystem