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Front Mission Evolved Suits Up This Fall

Square Enix sent a release today announcing that “Front Mission Evolved” will hit store shelves on September 14th. With “Evolved,” Square Enix looks to re-invent an old franchise that that has never been especially successful outside of Japan.  “Evolved” breaks away from the strategy RPG roots of Front Mission’s history, opting instead for a faster-paced action style.  “Evolved” is also the first game in the series to be designed by a western developer, Double Helix Games.  And lastly, Square Enix said that “Evolved” will feature some form of 3D effects.  All in all, the game is definitely looking to shake things up – look for it this fall.

Killzone 3 Announced

After months of rumors, Sony has confirmed that “Killzone 3” is on the way and that, yes, it is being designed with 3D in mind.  Series developer Guerilla gave Gamepro the exclusive first look, which will be featured in their upcoming June issue.  Luckily for us, their readers have wasted no time in shouting the news to anybody who’ll listen.  According to one reader account, noteworthy features the abundant use of jet-packs, “diverse terrain” (though the feature seems to focus on an “arctic” setting), and a plot that’s even more epic than its predecessors.

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3D Firmware Update Coming to PS3 this Summer

Sony announced via PSN promotional video “Qore” that the firmware update allowing PS3 to utilize 3D TV technology will be coming this summer.  Sony originally announced that they planned to make PS3 3D-ready when they first unveiled their line of “Bravia” 3D TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.

The Qore video also announced a lineup of games that will be made 3D-accessible retroactively via the firmware update.  “Killzone 2”, “Gran Turismo 5”, “Little Big Planet”, “Wipeout HD Fury”, and “Super Stardust HD” will become playable in 3D via this update.  There’s currently no word on whether other past releases would be made 3D-ready in the future.

Nintendo Unveils “DS Successor” Platform, the 3DS

Nintendo officially announced today that their next handheld console, called the “3DS”, is on the way.  The new console, as Nintendo showed off today, will build on the tech trend growing in TV and film, playing games in 3D.  At first glance, the physical console looks like a another iteration of the DS; it has dual screens and the same button layout as Nintendo’s current console.  The similarity is boon, though, as the 3DS will be backwards compatible, playing the entire DS and DSi library.  As for the release date, Nintendo only said that the console would launch in Japan sometime before March, 2011.  Ultimately, Nintendo didn’t actually say much about the console, but a more comprehensive unveiling will definitely be coming at E3 in June.

If you have been following the rumblings of industry pundits and rumor-mills, then the fact that Nintendo has announced that they’re making a new portable console comes as little surprise:  Rumors of the so-called “DS Successor” have been floating around for months.  Some have even speculated that Sony may also present the PSP2 at E3, kick-starting the next-gen handheld console war.

UPDATE:  Rumors have already begun circulating, filling in some of the blanks left by Nintendo’s bare-bones announcement.  According to two separate Japanese business magazines, Nikkei and Asahi, the 3DS achieves its three-dimensional using a technology called a “Paralax Barrier”, developed by Sharp.  The illusion is achieved by using a second overlapping screen with a series of slits; the result is that the player sees a different set of pixels with each eye, which is perceived as depth.  The trades also mention a special D-Pad for moving in 3D, built-in rumble support, and a tilt sensor, similar to the iPhone.

We will keep you updated on the rumors and announcements as they come.