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Super Bowl Commercial to Feature “Secret” Angry Birds Code

Nobody actually watches the Super Bowl.  I mean, hundreds of millions of Americans tune in, but very few people actually pay attention to what’s going on.  Since most football fans’ favorites teams aren’t playing people pay more attention to the beer, the food, and the infamously expensive commercials.  At the same time, in the past year millions of bored people have turned to iPhone games like, say, Angry Birds, to kill time.
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This is The Game Your Game Could Look Like

Look at this video.  This is what “3D Dot Game Heroes” looks like when it’s imitating an Old Spice Ad.  Weird.  But Awesome.  This game seems to be all about copying things:  The game itself has the makings of a full-on Zelda re-hash.

Look Again.  This is what an actual Old Spice Ad looks like.

Super Street Fighter IV Trailer

Check out the new TV spot for “Super Street Fighter IV”, showing off the “Super” new characters as they pummel each other to a Just Blaze beat.  While the preview isn’t really persuading enough to make me endorse buying the game if you already have SFIV:  The game is more expansion than sequel, featuring 10 new characters, an additional costume for each original character and additional “bonus rounds” a la “Street Fighter 2”.  Then again, it does make me wish I hadn’t bought the original so I could get this version now.

“Super Street Fighter IV” will start kicking ass and taking names on April 27’th.