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Bioware’s Mystery Countdown Ends, “Bioware Bazaar” Revealed

A countdown on the Bioware website that started last Tuesday came to a close at noon on Monday.  In the six days since the countdown began, people have been speculating as to what the countdown was for:  Crackpot ideas included a new “MDK” game and announcing that the”Mass Effect” series would be ported to PS3.  In fact, the excitement over the developer’s announcement grew to such a fever pitch, that, as the countdown came to a close, the website overloaded causing the site’s servers to crash.

When the got up and running again, Bioware unveiled the “Bioware Bazaar”, a week-long series of auctions where the developer will be giving away collectors items like concept art and apparel.  To bid on items, users need to sign up on Bioware in order to get “bidding tokens”.Overall, the announcement generated a lot of hype and, while free stuff is always appreciated, the reveal was kind of a let down for gamers who were hoping for something bigger.