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Bioware is Hesitant to Unmask Tali for Mass Effect 3

In an interview with CVG, Mass Effect 3 executive producer Casey Hudson said that the design of Tali’s true face has been a subject of serious stress for Bioware. As fans of the series know, Tali has been perpetually masked since the original Mass Effect, and what’s underneath the mask is one of the series’ great mysteries. Apparently it’s a mystery to Bioware as well: Hudson says that the Mass Effect team hasn’t even decided if they’ll show Tali without her mask, forget about what she’ll look like.
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Bioware’s Mystery Countdown Ends, “Bioware Bazaar” Revealed

A countdown on the Bioware website that started last Tuesday came to a close at noon on Monday.  In the six days since the countdown began, people have been speculating as to what the countdown was for:  Crackpot ideas included a new “MDK” game and announcing that the”Mass Effect” series would be ported to PS3.  In fact, the excitement over the developer’s announcement grew to such a fever pitch, that, as the countdown came to a close, the website overloaded causing the site’s servers to crash.

When the got up and running again, Bioware unveiled the “Bioware Bazaar”, a week-long series of auctions where the developer will be giving away collectors items like concept art and apparel.  To bid on items, users need to sign up on Bioware in order to get “bidding tokens”.Overall, the announcement generated a lot of hype and, while free stuff is always appreciated, the reveal was kind of a let down for gamers who were hoping for something bigger.

Mystery Countdown Begins on Bioware Websites

A countdown to an unknown announcement or event has begun on the official website of Mass Effect/Dragon Age developer Bioware.  The countdown, which began this afternoon, is not only running the main Bioware website, but also the homepages for each of their franchises, implying that whatever happens will affect the entire Bioware lineup.

As of 3/23/10, 8:35 pm EST, the countdown reads “5 Days, 9 Hours and 24 Minutes”, which means that the countdown ends at noon on Monday, March 29’th.  As of now, there is absolutely no indicator of what the event could be: Bioware just released the expansion, Dragon Age: Awakening last week, so there is almost no chance that there’s going be a new release.  What could it be?  We’ll just have to wait til Sunday to find out.