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Happy Birthday Legend of Zelda!

The original Legend of Zelda on NES went on sale in Japan 25 year ago today.  Link and the Zelda series continue to be among the worlds most recognized gaming icons.  There has been a Legend of Zelda game on every Nintendo console (and one random other one) since the original NES.  Many of those games became generation-defining experiences across each Nintendo console, including Ocarina of Time for the N64, which is often regarded as the single best game ever made. (I’m more of a Link to the Past guy, myself)

So Happy Birthday to Link, Zelda, Gannon and all of their adventures.  Let’s hope Skyward Sword is your best game yet!


PSP Turns Five Today

I can’t believe that it’s actually been five years since Sony jumped into the portable console market, releasing the PSP in the US.  As the console enters the home stretch, (Strong rumors suggest that Sony will unveil the PSP2 at E3 in June) the PSP has had a pretty amazing run, selling over 17 million consoles stateside.  Though the console has definitely hit it’s hardware limits, one can’t help but feel that the PSP is only now just starting to come into its own.  The PSP-Go, which ditched Sony’s failed UMD tech in favor of playing downloaded content exclusively, painted the machine in a whole new light.  Hopefully, the PSP will ultimately represent the growing pains necessary to create a great new console the next time around.