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Gears of War 3 Trailer: First Impressions

WOW.  Gears of War 3.  Sure, we weren’t supposed to know what was coming, but knowing what game it was going to be didn’t make actually SEEING the trailer any less amazing.  Most importantly, after the trailer, Cliff Bleszinski threw out a more specific release date:  “Gears of War 3” will be in stores (and most likely in your hands) on April 5’th, 2011.

Now, what did we learn from the trailer?  First, there will be female COG soldiers.  Though it’s a purely aesthetic addition, but it’s definitely a welcome addition.  Second, the trailer spent an awful long time focusing on Dom and that statue of a woman and her child:  Expect Dom’s search for his family to play a major role in the game’s story.   Lastly, the crazy tentacle monsters:  According to GOW3 rumor mill, in addition to being a major plot component, these mysterious uber-enemies will change the way player use cover because they can reach around barriers to attack players and NPCs.

Also, while we’re on the subject of the tentacle monsters, they were the only part of the trailer that worries me.  Does anyone else think that the prospective plot – The COGs and the Locust both being forced to fight a newer, tougher enemy – seems just a little bit like the second half of the original “Halo”?  Please Epic, don’t rush to tie up all the loose ends of this exemplary series by using a horribly clichéd plot device.

Regardless, the game looks amazing…  Only 360 days until April 5’th, 2011.

EA and Epic Games Announce Bulletstorm

People in the video game industry really don’t know how to keep a secret, huh?  EA and Epic Games announced their newest IP today, “Bulletstorm”.  Though the game (at least the name) wasn’t a well-guarded secret, it’s a little funny that the studios would be announcing the game right before Epic Games’ mastermind Cliff Bleszinski is expected to unveil it, along with the accidentally announced “Gears of War 3”, on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” tonight.

As for the game itself, “Bulletstorm” will focus on the “kill with skill” system, which gives an incentive for players to find creative ways to unleash their arsenal.  Points, earned by killing in new and interesting ways, can be used to upgrade stats and purchase new weapons.  The story of the game revolves around Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato, a pair of mercenaries who, upon realizing that they’ve been fighting on the wrong side of a war, are shipped off to another planet and must fight their way back against their former employers.  Lastly, when asked about a release date, all the developers could say was “2011”.

After all that, you must be excited to see the game, so the question you’re probably asking is; “is Bulletstorm still going to be on Jimmy Fallon tonight?”

It really could be anyone’s guess.  Even though both of the games are public knowledge now, next to nothing is known about either one.  The only way to find out is check the show out tonight…  Or on Games For Thought right after.

Microsoft Spills the Beans on “Gears of War 3”

So last night Cliff Bleszinski was supposed to unveil a “New Project” on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”.  Unfortunately, Cliffy B was bumped at the last minute so that Justin Bieber could play the drums with Questlove from “The Roots”:  Meanwhile, Bleszinski’s appearance was delayed to Monday night…

Apparently, nobody told the guys at Microsoft.  Early this morning, Xbox Spotlight featured an interesting ad:

So now we know what we’ve all assumed until now.  “Gears of War 3” will be released in April, 2011.  Bleszinski will still be on “Late Night” on Monday night.  We may know about the game now, but presumably the guys at Epic Games had a flashier debut in mind:  Presumably, we will actually get to see the game.

Meanwhile, since the postponement rumors have sprung up about changes and new features in the game.  According to Edge, there will be a focus making covered positions a little less secure this time around: on the one hand, there will be a new tentacled enemies that can reach behind cover and attack players.  On the other, players will have access to a new type of grenade that burrows underground to hit entrenched enemies.  Also, apparently the game will take place in “summer”, so the grey and brown color scheme of the first two games may get an infusion of color.

“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Pushes Back Cliff Bleszinski Project Unveiling

Bad news for “Gears of War” fans:  “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” co-producer Gavin Purcell tweet today that they will be postponing tonight’s unveiling of Cliff Bleszinski’s “new project” (lets call it… Gears of War 3).  Purcell said that a scheduling conflict made it necessary to push back the announcement at the last minute because of a “Scheduling Conflict”:  Instead, Bleszinski and his new game will make their grand debut on Monday, April 12’th.

Fallon originally tweeted out that Bleszinski would be showing off an unnamed project last week. Most people, myself included, believe that the mystery project will be “Gears of War 3”.  Word is that “Gears of War 3” is already in development and is currently on schedule for an April, 2011 release. (Alongside “Killzone 3”?)

Cliff Bleszinski to Announce “New Game” Next Week on Late Night TV

Jimmy Fallon tweeted yesterday that “Gears of War” series mastermind Cliff Bleszinski will be unveiling his new game, presumably “Gears of War 3”, on his talk show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” next Thursday.  Bleszinski said that he planned to show his “newest project” to the public this Spring; most assumed that meant a big show at E3, but apparently the boys at Epic Games have other plans.

Even though there hasn’t been any official word yet on Gears 3, there’s almost no doubt that this new mystery game is the next entry in the series.  Word on the street is that Gears of War 3 is on track to go gold some time in April 2011.