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Bulletstorm DLC Announced

Bulletstorm has been on shelves for less than 24 hours, but the game already has DLC on the way, according to EA.  The announcement is helping to hype the game, which is receiving tremendous reviews.  DLC for AAA titles is often announced on day one, so it’s not a surprise, really.

The Bulletstorm “Gun Sonata” map pack will include three anarchy maps and two echo mode maps.  “From the wretched Sewers of Stygia to the dilapidated ruins of Hotel Elysium and the open spaces of Villa, the Gun Sonata Anarchy maps provide even more settings for players to work together in order to pull off fantastic team skillshots,” said EA.  The Echo maps are called “Crash Site”, “where Final Echo soldiers must deal with the ramifications of their crashed ship,” and Guns of Stygia, “in which a captive commando escapes from an enemy prison.”

The “Gun Sonata” Pack will cost 9.99 on PSN or 800 MS points.

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Infamous 2 Jumpstarts PS3 on June 7th

SCEA and developer Sucker Punch announced today that long-awaited super hero sequel Infamous 2 will be hitting stores on June 7th.  The release coincides with the beginning of E3, which could be an ominous sign; syncing the game’s release may force critics to put their reviews on hold to cover the conference – using a strategy like that COULD be seen as a not-so-subtle way of saying that the game might not hold up to journalistic scrutiny.  (Of course, it could also simply be coincidence, but that doesn’t make for an interesting story, does it.)  Of course, since the original Infamous was a great game, Sucker Punch probably deserves the benefit of the doubt.
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Telltale Games Developing Fables & Walking Dead Comic Series Adaptations

Telltale Games, the newly crowned king of random film-to-game adaptations, announced today that they are developing a game based on two popular comic series, Fables and The Walking Dead.  Rumors of the Walking Dead game have been floating around since before the announcement of the series’ TV adaptation, which premiered last fall.  Though it hasn’t been confirmed, both games will likely be serialized DLC games similar to their current version of Back to the Future and their upcoming retelling of Jurassic Park.
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Cave Story Gets 3D Update

NIS America announced this week that they will be porting retro indie favorite Cave Story to the 3DS, complete with 3D graphics.  Unlike the Wii and DSi ports, Cave Story 3D will get a complete visual overhaul.  NIS and Nintendo hope that will be enough to convince indie fans to shell out for the new version.  That’s a tall order:  Though it was not specifically mentioned, expect Cave Story 3D to be a full-fledged cartridge release, complete with a full-fledged cart’s price tag.

NIS has yet to announce a release date.  Keep checking back and we’ll post more info as it comes.

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EA Announces Dead Space 2 DLC on Launch Day

EA announced today that a DLC pack for Dead Space 2 is already underway.  The announcement serves an extra bit of incentive for gamers to go pick up the highly anticipated sequel, which hits store shelves today.  Neither the DLC or the announcement comes as much of a surprise:  The Dead Space franchise has rapidly grown into one of the publisher’s largest properties, and publishers regularly announce DLC for high-profile titles in first week of their release.
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Modern Warfare 2: Surplus Pack Screenshots

So by now you may have heard that Activision plans to release a second set of “Modern Warfare 2” maps.  The “Surplus,” like it’s predecessor, the “Stimulus” Pack, features five new maps – three original maps and two updated versions of maps from the original “Modern Warfare.”  The map pack will run you 15 bucks, (1200 MS points) also just like the original.  Can’t wait?  Well, here are a few images showing off the maps for you to drool over until the DLC is released on Xbox Live on June 3rd.

Unfortunately for those of us playing MW2 on PS3 or PC, the wait is a little longer.  Due to an exclusivity agreement between Activision and Microsoft, “Surplus” won’t be released for PS3 or PC users right away.  Assuming the agreement is similar to the one made for “Stimulus”, PS3 and PC gamers should expect to get their hands on “Surplus” until early to mid July:  “Stimulus” was exclusively available on Xbox Live for 34 days before being released for other forms of download.

As for the maps themselves – Activision is bringing back “Strike” and “Vacant” from MW, and adding three new and decidedly unorthodox locations for the originals.  The names “Carnival” and “Trailer Park” pretty much speak for themselves, don’t you think?  The last map, “Fuel”, well it isn’t actually so unorthodox – it’s set on an oil rig.  Woo Hoo.




“Trailer Park”


Square Enix Announces Just Cause 2 “Black Market” DLC Packs

Square Enix London announced today that they plan to release two new downloadable content packs in the next month for their sandbox explosion extraveganza, “Just Cause 2.”   Dubbed “Black Market” packs, both downloads offer a set of weapons and/or vehicles to enhance your jet-crashing, building-crushing experience.  The first download, “Black Market Aerial Pack”, will be released next week.  As the name implies, it adds some new equipment for aerial combat.  The pack adds a new jet, a multi-lock missile launcher and mini-thrusters that attach to Rico’s parachute.  The “Black Market Boom Pack” will launch on May 25th, adding a cadre of über-powerful explosive weapons, including a “Quad Rocket Launcher” and an “Air Propulsion Gun” that can blow away enemy vehicles.  Both packs will cost 1.99 on PSN or 160 MS points on Xbox Live.

Splinter Cell: Conviction will Offer Free Weekly DLC

Ubisoft announced today that, starting tomorrow, they will be offering new downloadable content for Splinter Cell: Conviction” every thursday via Xbox Live, free of charge.  Planned DLC items include new weapons, skins and even a “deniable ops” map.  To kick off the free add-on parade, “Splinter Cell: Conviction” fans can go online tomorrow and download the “MP7A1 Machine Pistol”.  No word on how long the stream of free DLC will last.

“Splinter Cell: Conviction” is in stores now.

Capcom to Offer Major DLC for Mega Man 10

Downloadable games don’t seem likely candidates for post-launch DLC packs.  Most individual DLC packs for AAA titles cost anywhere from fifty to one-hundred percent of the price of the average downloadable game.  That said, most downloadable games don’t have the advantage of being the next entry in one of video gaming’s historic franchises.  Mega Man 10 was released today on Xbox Live, Wii and…  well, people who want to get the game on PSN will just have to hold their horses.  That said, the game itself is apparently just the first in a series of releases:  Capcom says that they will be adding five DLC packs in April that, together, almost double the cost of the game.

First, players will get the option to replay the full game as Mega Man’s relatively new friend, Bass ($2/200 MSP).  Then Capcom will release three extra “Special Stages”, each sold separately ($1/100 MSP).  Finally, at the end of April Capcom will make “Endless Attack Mode” available ($4/400 MSP).  In case you haven’t been counting, die-hard Mega Man fans should be prepared to drop an additional 8 dollars on the game, after the initial 10 dollar price-tag.

That’s not to say that paying more is a bad thing.  IGN, for instance, complained in their review that the game didn’t offer more gameplay.  It’s understandable that Capcom has added some of the more extraneous options as DLC in order to maintain the decidedly retro feel of the game.  What’s important is that there are new modes; players who want to see the series evolve can do so, while traditionalists aren’t distracted from the gameplay they know and love.

Regardless of whether you are angry or happy about Mega Man’s DLC, the surprising thing is that there is so much of it.  The fact that Capcom feels that a downloadable game, even for game from an established franchise, warrants the extra time and capital to develop DLC speaks volumes about the direction gaming is heading.