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New Intel on the Goldeneye Remake

You want a Goldeneye Re-Make?  YOU CAN’T HANDLE A GOLDENEYE REMAKE!

Well, maybe you can.  These prospective box art images, part of an upcoming customer survey from Activision, got leaked to GoNintendo.  Mumblings about the re-make have intensified since Activision registered a Goldeneye website, Goldeneyegame.com.  Shortly after, word came out that Activision had planned to release the original N64 game as a downloadable, but that it (and presumably any Other Goldeneye projects) were being held up by legal issues revolving around the various licensing agreements required to publish a re-make of a game based on a film franchise…

According to Eurogamer, the new Goldeneye, now a Nintendo exclusive, is out of development limbo and on track to be in stores this holiday season.  If that’s even close to true, there will be a HUGE unveiling at E3.  So make yourself a martini and keep your eyes peeled, because it seems like good news is on the way.

Pokemon Black and White US Release Confirmed, Dated

Nintendo confirmed today that the next pair of Pokemon games, Black and White, will be released in the US and Europe.  The games will be released in the west Spring 2011.  For the Japanese (and import fans) the game will become available far sooner, some time this September.

Check here for more info about Pokemon Black and White.

The Games of June, 2010

Because the month of June will revolves almost entirely around  E3 for the gaming industry, you would expect there to a drought of exciting new games coming out next month, right?  Surprisingly, there will be a bevy of intriguing new games to keep all you shut-ins from going outside and enjoying the warm weather.  While many gamers are going to hung up on this month’s most anticipated titles, “Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker” and “Green Day Rock Band”, there are a good number great-looking games flying somewhat under the radar.
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Nintendo Releases Pokemon Black and White Details

Since the announcement of “Pokemon Black and White”, the first pair of games to advance the plot in four years, I’m sure there has been rioting.  I don’t know where this rioting has actually occurred – there haven’t been any news reports – but I am confident that it’s happening.

Well, if it’s time to put down those flaming bags of dog poop and pay attention; Nintendo released some basic information about “Black” and “White” on Friday via the games’ website. (Yes, it is in Japanese)  While “basic info” may not sound all that exited, if you’re a fan this is exactly the kind of info you’ve been waiting for.

First, we have the trainers.  The protagonists in this game seem to be a little bit older than the series norm.  According to 1up, the website describes trainers as “a stylish young man” and “a young girl with a lively style.”

Next comes the game’s setting:  “Black” and “White” will be set in a far-away region called “Iishu.”  Iishu is a “modern megalopolis with nature and man coexisting”.  Looking at the picture, that can be translated to “giant city with wild Pokemon running around for some reason.”  There may also be an emphasis on water travel…  Though they didn’t mention anything about that.  Nintendo says the region is “far, far away”, so don’t expect any cross-over from previous games.

Saving the best for last, these are the all-new starter Pokemon – the three that players will choose between at the start of the game.  “Mijumaru” is a blue sea-otter with a seashell on its stomach.  “Tsutarja” looks like a lizard with poison ivy on its tail.   Lastly, the pig is called “Pokabu”.

All of this new information has a common theme – Nintendo is distancing itself from previous entries in the series, while maintaining the overall feel that has made Pokemon such a phenomenon.  To date, Nintendo has made no mention of an American release for “Black” and “White.”  Then again, the Japanese release date hasn’t been set either, so there’s still a lot in the air right now.

The Games of May, 2010

May looks to be a high-profile month in the video game world.  While the centerpiece of this treasure trove of potentially epic games is definitely the return of everyone’s favorite princess-saving plumber, but it by no means overshadows other long-awaited titles like “Lost Planet 2”, “Alan Wake” and “Red Dead Redemption.”  Mark your calendars, everyone.

May 4th

Iron Man 2 (Multi)

Dementium II (DS)

May 11th

3D Dot Game Heroes* (PS3)

Skate 3 (PS3, 360)

Lost Planet 2* (PS3, 360)

May 18th

Alan Wake* (360)

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Multi)

Red Dead Redemption* (PS3, 360)

Blue Dragon: Awakened Dragon (DS)

May 23rd

Super Mario Galaxy 2* (Wii)

May 25th

Blur (Multi)

ModNation Racers (PS3, PSP)

UFC Undisputed (Multi)