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EA and NFL Extend Madden Exclusivity Contract for Another Year

The NFL has agreed to extend their exclusive licensing agreement with EA Sports for an extra season, through 2013.  EA has had the exclusive right to use the names and logos of the NFL and its teams since 2004.  The initial deal gave EA exclusivity for five years, but in 2008 the agreement was extended through Madden 2012, which will presumably be released this August. However, with a potential lockout looming for the NFL – The collective bargaining agreement between the NFLPA and the NFL team owners will expire next month –  EA has expressed misgiving about being short-changed in the last year of their agreement.
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Madden Sim Predicts Steelers Will Win Super Bowl XLV

Sorry Cheeseheads, Madden has spoken.

EA Sports announced today that they ran their eighth annual Madden simulation of the upcoming Super Bowl, and the game has predicted that the Pittsburgh Steelers will eke out a win over the Green Bay Packers, 24-20.  Every year, EA simulates the entire NFL season using the most recent version of Madden, culminating with a prediction for who’ll go all the way.

According to the simulation, Pittsburgh will hold a narrow lead for the most of the game.  Green Bay will mount a fourth quarter comeback to take the lead, but Roethlisberger will ultimately throw one last TD pass, taking back the lead and securing the win.  Surprisingly, the simulation named Steelers receiver Mike Wallace Super Bowl MVP over star QB Ben Roethlisberger.  Earlier in the season, Madden 2011 simulated the entire season, and correctly picked the Packers as NFC champion.

Using a video game to make a Super Bowl prediction may seem silly, but Madden has correctly predicted six of the last seven bowls.  The only one it failed to anticipate was the New York Giants’ 2007 win over the New England Patriots.

NCAA Football 2011 Box Art, Screens

Check out new screens from NCAA Football 2011.  This set of screens shows Alabama and Texas squaring off; running, throwing catching, etc.  Also, we’ve got Tim Tebow in the PS3 and Xbox 360 box art.  NCAA Football 2011 is set to hit stores on July 13th.

First Look at Madden 2011 – Drew Brees Gets The Cover

The results are in.  EA Sports announced yesterday that the curse-breaking vote to pick the next Madden cover star is all counted up and Super Bowel MVP Drew Brees will grace the cover of Madden 2011.  For the vote, EA allowed fans to pick between Brees, Indianapolis Colts receiver Reggie Wayne and Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen.  Given the choices, Brees’ doesn’t exactly seem like a surprising choice.  Talking to ESPN, Brees said he was happy to get picked, and isn’t worried about the Madden curse.  Brees said; “I believe in fate, and if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be,” he said. “But destiny is stronger than any curse, and this team is destined for great things.”  Vote or no vote, Mr. Brees should be a little more careful about tempting fate, since he claims to believe in it.

Along with the cover announcement, EA Sports released a debut trailer for all you fans dying to see the game.  EA also announced that they will be releasing a demo in “late July” featuring the New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts.  Hope those two things can tide you over until the big M arrives in stores on August 10th.

NCAA Football 2011 Cover Athlete Announced


NCAA Football 2011 hits stores July 13’th.

NCAA Basketball 2010 Sim got the Gist, But Came Up Short

Earlier tonight, we talked about using EA Sports’ “NCAA Basketball 2010” to predict the outcome of tonight’s NCAA Championship game.  The sim picked favorite Duke to beat unlikely finalist Butler by a whopping 23 points, 84-61.  Now that the game is over, we know that Duke did in fact defeat Butler, but by a much smaller margin in a lower scoring game.  The two teams traded the lead for most of the game, with neither team ever leading by more than 6 points during the whole game.  After a missed Butler three, Duke was declared the victor:  The final score was 61-59.  In short; “NCAA 2010” called the winner, but did not analyze and predict the outcome of the game by any stretch of the imagination.

What does this mean?

It means NCAA Basketball is not great at predicting live sporting events.  Admittedly, college basketball, and March Madness in particular, is incredibly difficult to predict:  Just ask all the experts that said that either Kansas or Kentucky would win the tournament.

NCAA Basketball 2010 Sim Prediction: Duke Goes Home a Winner, 84-61

Video game simulations of popular sporting events are all the rage, these days.  While it’s not as accurate as the Annual Madden Super Bowl prediction, a simulation in NCAA Basketball 2010 has predicted that Duke will squash underdog Butler, 84-61.  The simulation, set up by Kotaku, used updated statistics and was set to reflect tonight’s official roster.

Duke is 33-32 at Halftime…  Will EA Sports get to put another notch under its belt?

NBA Jam Preview

Who doesn’t love NBA Jam?  The first true arcade sports game is still one of the best, even today.  EA Sports is finally bringing back the series with a remake/update for the Wii.  The game is a total throwback, with bobblehead players and Marv Albertesque Catchphrases.  Currently, the game seems to be a Wii exclusive, but there been no explicit confirmation that the game won’t be headed to Xbox 360 or PS3.

BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA!  Though EA hasn’t announced a specific release date, their financial report for 2010 confirms that NBA Jam should hit stores between October and December this year.

EA Sports Releases First info on NCAA Football 2011, Screenshot

EA Sports released information on the major changes for this year’s version of NCAA Football.  The theme of the changes this year definitely seems to be visual, as you can see from the screenshot.  Most years, the NCAA tends to lack the “aesthetic appeal” of Madden and other EA Sports titles, but that screenshot implies that 2011 will be different.  The statement said that the team is focusing on attention to detail, adding dynamic helmet numbers and other player uniform variations, making refs that jump out of the way to avoid running into players, etc.

NCAA Football 2011 should be out this August, based on previous years.  Officially, EA has said that the game will drop “this fall”.