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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Pushed Back to 2011

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot announced today at a corporate shareholder meeting that “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier” will not be released until early 2011.  The tactical shooter, originally set to be released in time for this year’s Christmas rush, will now be released during the company’s “March quarter.”  Guillemot attributed the decision to better timing, adding that the extra months will also help the development team “realize their vision.”

Of course, when Ubisoft says “better timing” in a “competitive market,” they actually mean that they’ve deemed it prudent to avoid direct competition with “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” which is set to hit stores on November 8th.  Realistically it’s the right decision; who would really want to face off against the follow-up to the most successful video game of all time, especially with a game in the same genre?  Still, it’s unfortunate – despite knowing little about the game, at least “Future Soldier” isn’t mired by the air of scandal surrounding the “Call of Duty” franchise.

Regardless of how you feel about “CoD”, bummed out “Ghost Recon” fans can still take solace in the fact that an early build of the game will be unveiled at E3 next month.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Trailer

Following in the footsteps of “Halo: ODST“, the recently unveiled trailer for “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier” trades the chance to entice players with gameplay footage in exchange for a more cinematic, live-action trailer.  As cool as this trailer is though, does it really make you want to buy the game, especially once you consider that it tells you nothing about it?  Like Halo, Ghost Recon is an established franchise, so fans can trust that this game will live up to their standards, despite not knowing what the series has in store.

Bottom Line:  It’s pretty damn cool.

In case you notice (or watch til the end), while there’s no talk of a release date for the game as of yet, the trailer announced that a multiplayer beta will begin over the summer.  Beta invitations are a bonus for anyone who picks up a copy of Splinter Cell; Conviction, which hits stores April 13’th.