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Sony Announces God of War: Ghost of Sparta

As God of War 3 comes to a close, the book supposedly closes on the epic tale of the man who would be the God of War.  That said, anyone who has played the series knows that Kratos is not one to be dispatched by something as simple as the end of a story arc.  Proving my point, Sony released a statement announcing “God of War: Ghost of Sparta,” a new side-story coming out on the PSP.  The game is being developed by “God of War: Chains of Olympus” studio Ready at Dawn, in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica. (GoW 1-3)

“Ghost of Sparta” takes place between GoW and GoW2, chronicling Kratos’ rise to power as the new God of War.  The plot of the game promises to dig into Kratos’ personal story; the story behind his tattoos, his scar and other details not touched upon in the main series.  According to Sony, this game will be a significantly longer journey than “Chains of Olympus” – “25 percent longer” to be exact.

Whether or not you’re surprised by the fact that there’s a new “God of War” game, what should certainly surprise you is that the game’s development already well under way, and will be released some time in 2010.  That fact will shock you even more when you see these screens – it may not look like PS3, but it sure doesn’t look like a PSP game either.