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Youtube Looks to Produce Video Platform for Consoles

Google has put up a want ad for programmers and designers from the gaming industry to create a “next generation game-console-based TV experience with YouTube video content.”  There is already a YouTube portal available on Wii and PS3, YouTube XL, but it’s somewhat unwieldy and works through the consoles’ respective internet browsers.  Presumably this new program would be similar to console “apps” like Netflix, Hulu Plus and ESPN.  Qualified candidates should have “deep technical knowledge of Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and/or Nintendo Wii.”

A proper YouTube portal is long overdue, especially considering how many gamers put up speed runs and random clips from games.  Finally, no more cameras pointed at the TV!

Via Joystiq

Google Helps to Celebrate Pac-Man’s B-Day

It’s Pac-Man’s birthday!  The hungriest circle in the video game world turns 30 tomorrow, and Google is helping everyone to celebrate.  First, if you to the Google homepage either today or tomorrow, you’ll see that big G has Pac-Manified their logo. (As seen above)  That’s not all though, if you go to the site’s “classic homepage,” the logo comes alive, turning into an actual Pac-Man game.

All in all, this is a pretty good b-day for Pac…  Google’s present was pretty great, but it still might not be his favorite