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EA Lands Publishing Deal with Insomniac

“Resistance” developer Insomniac announced today that they’ve signed an exclusive publishing agreement with EA.  The deal revolves around a brand new IP Insomniac is designing, which EA will produce for both PS3 and Xbox 360.  Insomniac has been in the business of pumping out Playstation exclusives since the days of the original Playstation.  After 16 years, Insomniac hopes bring this new game to Xbox 360, so they’re linking up with EA to make that happen.

Insomniac has not disclosed any information about the mystery IP, simply saying that they’ll disclose more info “when <they’re> ready.”  According to rumors, Insomniac is currently hard at work on “Resistance 3.”  Does the EA deal throw that news into doubt?  Realistically, no.  If anything, the timing of the announcement implies that we’ll be seeing “Resistance 3” sooner rather than later.

Bottom line; if there isn’t a big announcement from Insomniac at E3, I’m going to be VERY upset.