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LG Wants PS3 Banned in the US

Korean electronics manufacturer LG has filed a set of patent infringement claims against Sony that, if enforced, would prevent the sale of all Sony Blu-Ray players in the US, including the PS3.  According to Eurogamer, the claims, which were filed with the International Trade Commission yesterday, allege that four components used in Sony’s current Blu-Ray player designs are proprietary LG designs.  Though LG’s claims would likely effect all Sony Blu-Ray players, LG pointed specifically at the PS3 as a product in question.

Whether or not the claims are legitimate, it’s unlikely that the claims will bear fruit.  LG and Sony are respectively the second and third ranked television producers in the world, and legal issues between the companies aren’t uncommon.  It is rumored that these claims are revenge against Sony for a similar set of lawsuits filed against LG in December.  In those claims, Sony alleged that LG infringed on seven different cell phone-related patents.

Via Eurogamer