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Steam For Mac Dated

Steam for Mac will launch on May 12th.  THAT IS ALL.

Australian Zombies Protest Video Game Censorship

Approximately 500 people gathered in Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia to dress up as zombies and protest the fact that the Australian government won’t create an “Adults-Only” video game rating.  Australia is well-known amongst gamers as having very strict censorship laws and very little tolerance for violent imagery; rather than using notices or age restrictions for mature games, the government chooses to censor any game it deems too violent.  Most recently, Australian government officials attempted (and failed) to ban “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II”, over the game’s controversial “No Russians” sequence.  Other games like “Left 4 Dead 2” are banned from the country in their original form, but are released in a censored, less violent form.


Valve Announces Steam for Mac

After weeks of hinting, Developer Valve finally announced today that they will be releasing a version of the subscription-based PC game service Steam for Macintosh computers.  The Mac version, which will debut in April, will bring “Left 4 Dead 2”, the Half-Life series, Team Fortress 2 and Portal right away.  Valve plans to begin simultaneously releasing games on Valve for both Mac and Windows gamers, beginning with their next big hit, “Portal 2”.

The developer made sure to highlight that the Mac version of steam will work exactly the same as the original, with a single addition:  “Steam Play”, the only new feature announced, allows gamers who buy a game on one platform to re-download what they’ve purchased at no additional cost.