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Shirt of the Week/Day: “Now That’s a Hammer, Bro!”


Side Note:  I definitely want to see this way more than the real Thor movie.

Since Teefury only sells their shirts for a single day, you better jump on this fast if you’re interested.  At 12:00 am on Tuesday, it’ll be gone…

French Performer Plays Real-World Mario Kart

Apparently the French take Mario Kart very seriously.

Performance artist Remi Gaillard decided that the French don’t get enough excitement in their lives.  In order to cause to chaos, Gaillard dresses up like Mario, tools around town in a red go-kart and throws plush shells at people.  This is actually Remi Kart 2; Gaillard already pulled the exact same stunt once back in 2008.  Making his own seemingly random “course,” Gaillard goes for an authentic Mario Kart experience, throwing bananas behind him on the highway and driving through a supermarket, stopping to pick up more bananas, of course.

Unfortunately, just like his first Mario Kart run in 2008, the ride ends with him getting pulled over by police.

From The Daily What via Geekosystem

Uplifting Mario Ad

An oldie but if you haven’t seen it, then you need to.  Honestly the best ad for a video game I’ve ever seen and it’s not even real.  Earth to Nintendo – PAY THIS MAN.

Gaming Heroes with Beards

As the average gamer’s age has increased, so too should the maturity of the average gaming hero…  At least, that’s what the Examiner’s David Stonecipher claims when he tried to explain why he felt the urge show the world what some of gaming’s most iconic characters would look like with giant beards…

I really don’t think there’s anything else to say about this, do you?

Super Mario Bros Crossover – BEST. CROSSOVER. EVER.

What could be better than playing Super Mario Bros on NES?  Playing through Super Mario Bros as Mega Man!  Exploding Rabbit has made the best flash game ever.  In “Super Mario Bros. Crossover”, retro game fans can play through the original Super Mario Bros using iconic NES characters; the roster includes Link, Samus, Mega Man, Simon Belmont OR Bill from Contra. (Also Mario, but who wants to do that?)

At first glance, the idea might not seem that inventive.  Right now, you’re probably saying; “Changing appearances?  That’s not so great.”  Well, in Super Mario Bros Crossover, each character has their own abilities – Mega Man can shoot and Slide, Simon Belmont can use a whip and throw axes, and so on.  In other words, playing through as each character is a unique experience.

It’s awesome.  Go play it.


Super Left 4 Dead Bros.

Just when you thought you had enough of Mario’s Inferno…  Mario gets his arm ripped off by a zombie.  “Left 4 Dead Bros” proves once again that every franchise is better when you add an Italian plumber.

Mario’s Inferno

Plenty of people have mocked and rejected Dante’s Inferno as an uninventive game, but has anyone suggested how to make it better?  Well, one visionary has gone above and beyond, making a video to suggest one possible solution:

Add more Mario.