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Rock Band 3 Adds the Piano

Surprise!  There’s going to be a new instrument in “Rock Band 3”.  If you check out the demo section on Xbox Live today, you can download the demo for “Green Day: Rock Band”.  If you download the demo for “Green Day: Rock Band”, you can get a tiny taste of Rock Band 3.  When you quit the “RB:GD” demo, a teaser for Rock Band 3 pops up.  “Ebony and Ivory”, playing as the teaser pops up (shown above), highlights what I’m assuming is the game’s biggest new feature – Keyboards.  The “Rock Band 3” logo features a new keyboard logo and a new triple mic vocals logo, representing the harmonies feature from “Beatles Rock Band.”

Keyboards seem a logical addition to the repertoire, even though not every rock song is going to use them.  Given that, will “Rock Band” fans who haven’t had to shell out the big bucks for a new instrument in a long time be willing to pay for an instrument that they won’t be able to use in every song?

Personally speaking, I think keyboards are a little to0 obvious.  I would have preferred something a little more exotic.  Maybe it’s too late for “Rock Band 3”, but  here are a couple of instruments that I’d like to see… Continue reading

Chinese CS Player Gets Stabbed in the head for Cheating

There never been any doubt, in my mind at least, that gamers are much more competitive in Asia then they are in the states, generally speaking.  Korea, for instance, is home to televised Starcraft matches and the first ever rehab center for video game addiction.  Well, if there was any doubt before, an incident  in the Jilin province of China pretty much seals the deal:  After accusing a competitor of cheating during a public match at an internet cafe, a teen picked up a knife and stabbed another 17-year old boy in the head.  From the X-Ray above, we can see that the knife through the boy’s skull and brain, almost coming through on the other side.

As horrifying as the incident is, it set the stage for an absolute miracle.  Despite the knife going all the way through the victims head, surgeons managed to remove the knife AND keep the boy alive.  According to the surgeon, the boy was incredibly lucky, as the blade missed all major arteries and the section of his brain that effects motor function, making his chances of being able to walk very good.

What did we learn?  Don’t play at an internet cafe if you’re going to cheat.