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Rock Band 3 Adds the Piano

Surprise!  There’s going to be a new instrument in “Rock Band 3”.  If you check out the demo section on Xbox Live today, you can download the demo for “Green Day: Rock Band”.  If you download the demo for “Green Day: Rock Band”, you can get a tiny taste of Rock Band 3.  When you quit the “RB:GD” demo, a teaser for Rock Band 3 pops up.  “Ebony and Ivory”, playing as the teaser pops up (shown above), highlights what I’m assuming is the game’s biggest new feature – Keyboards.  The “Rock Band 3” logo features a new keyboard logo and a new triple mic vocals logo, representing the harmonies feature from “Beatles Rock Band.”

Keyboards seem a logical addition to the repertoire, even though not every rock song is going to use them.  Given that, will “Rock Band” fans who haven’t had to shell out the big bucks for a new instrument in a long time be willing to pay for an instrument that they won’t be able to use in every song?

Personally speaking, I think keyboards are a little to0 obvious.  I would have preferred something a little more exotic.  Maybe it’s too late for “Rock Band 3”, but  here are a couple of instruments that I’d like to see… Continue reading

Activision Confirms Guitar Hero 6 and DJ Hero 2

Activision confirmed yesterday that “Guitar Hero 6” and “DJ Hero 2” are both in development and should be released some time this fall.  Both games’ existence were common knowledge – guest DJs like DJ Shadow have already publicly spoken about their involvement with the project.  The existence of a Guitar Hero 6 was simply a foregone conclusion.

Still, with the music game fad (has it really existed long enough to be considered a genre?) continually shrinking, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick reasserted his plan to release fewer “Hero” titles, especially new titles that require “the sell-through of higher-priced peripherals,” choosing into focus on software and growing their DLC song library.  In other words, Kotick concedes that the market for music games has already reached critical mass, so the prudent business strategy would be to focus on keeping fans of the genre, rather than growing the brand.  That strategy was embraced long ago by Rock Band developer Harmonix, who will be releasing “Rock Band 3” this holiday season.

(Via Joystiq)

Rumor: Activision Developing “Guitar Hero: Red Hot Chili Peppers”

According to a customer survey from producer Activision, the Red Hot Chili Peppers may be the next band in line to be immortalized in their own special Guitar Hero game.  RHCP would be the fourth band to appear to their own Guitar Hero entry, following in the footsteps of  Arrosmith, Val Halen and Metallica.

Kotaku reader forwarded the survey to the blog, which described the game as similar to previous band-centric GH titles; the track list would mostly come from the band, with a few songs from guest artists hand-picked by the band.  The survey implies that, though the track list will have albums from every part of the band’s history, it will focus on “Californication”, “By the Way” and their upcoming new album.

Activision has not made any kind of official comment confirming or denying the game, and there is no word on when the game would be released.  That said, given that the Chili Peppers’ new album probably won’t drop until this Fall, the game almost certainly won’t be coming before then.  if the game is coming in 2010, there will likely be an official announcement in the near future, possibly at E3 in June.

Green Day Rock Band Dated

The next single-band Rock Band game, revolving around Green Day, will be in stores on June 8’th.  The game will feature 47 of Green Days hits, across their entire career, from “Kerplunk” to “21’st century breakdown”.    In addition to the normal game, there will be a special edition that, for 69.99, gives fans free access to Green Day DLC and the ability to port all of the tracks over to Rock Band.

Viacom Announces Rock Band 3

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman announced today that the next long-awaited edition of Rock Band is on the way, and should be in stores this holiday season.  Dauman, looking to counter speculation in the gaming industry that the era of the music game is over, said in his statement that the game will “innovate and revolutionize the music genre”.

According to various tweets and messages from Harmonix staff sent shortly after Dauman’s statement, Rock Band 3 will produced by MTV Games and distributed by EA.  Some media outlets say they’re expecting more information to slip out during GDC this week, but realistically a release this big needs an equally large stage to show off on…  So while there may be a few measly details released in the coming weeks, expect the big surprises; video, new controllers, etc, to come at E3.