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Demon’s Souls Sequel, Dark Souls, Announced

This week’s upcoming issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu is expected to have the first details on Dark Souls, sequel to the 2009 sleeper hit RPG Demon’s Souls.  Demon’s Souls is an online-focused action RPG from Japanese developer From Software that became notorious (and popular) for its insane level of difficulty.

Though it is the direct follow-up to Demon’s Souls, the Dark Souls’ plot won’t have any connection to the original.  The game will drop Demon’s Souls’ region-based format, opting for a much larger open world and emphasizing exploration as a key gameplay component.  From Software also mentioned expanded character creation and creative new uses of the series’ co-op mode, which lets a player enter a game as either a friend or foe.

Dark Souls will be a PS3 exclusive in Japan, but publisher Namco Bandai plans to release the American version on the 360 as well.

From Famitsu, via 1up


Enslaved Screens

“Enslaved” – the newest project from the Ninja Theory, the team brought PS3 fans “Heavenly Sword” – is a post-apocalyptic re-telling of the classic Chinese story, “Monkey”.  Based on what producer Namco says, the game plays like “Ico” meets “God of War” – an ambitious goal, to be sure.  Then again, based on these screens, this is definitely going to be a game to watch.