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NCAA Basketball 2010 Sim got the Gist, But Came Up Short

Earlier tonight, we talked about using EA Sports’ “NCAA Basketball 2010” to predict the outcome of tonight’s NCAA Championship game.  The sim picked favorite Duke to beat unlikely finalist Butler by a whopping 23 points, 84-61.  Now that the game is over, we know that Duke did in fact defeat Butler, but by a much smaller margin in a lower scoring game.  The two teams traded the lead for most of the game, with neither team ever leading by more than 6 points during the whole game.  After a missed Butler three, Duke was declared the victor:  The final score was 61-59.  In short; “NCAA 2010” called the winner, but did not analyze and predict the outcome of the game by any stretch of the imagination.

What does this mean?

It means NCAA Basketball is not great at predicting live sporting events.  Admittedly, college basketball, and March Madness in particular, is incredibly difficult to predict:  Just ask all the experts that said that either Kansas or Kentucky would win the tournament.

NCAA Basketball 2010 Sim Prediction: Duke Goes Home a Winner, 84-61

Video game simulations of popular sporting events are all the rage, these days.  While it’s not as accurate as the Annual Madden Super Bowl prediction, a simulation in NCAA Basketball 2010 has predicted that Duke will squash underdog Butler, 84-61.  The simulation, set up by Kotaku, used updated statistics and was set to reflect tonight’s official roster.

Duke is 33-32 at Halftime…  Will EA Sports get to put another notch under its belt?