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NCAA Football 2011 Box Art, Screens

Check out new screens from NCAA Football 2011.  This set of screens shows Alabama and Texas squaring off; running, throwing catching, etc.  Also, we’ve got Tim Tebow in the PS3 and Xbox 360 box art.  NCAA Football 2011 is set to hit stores on July 13th.

NCAA Football 2011 Cover Athlete Announced


NCAA Football 2011 hits stores July 13’th.

EA Sports Releases First info on NCAA Football 2011, Screenshot

EA Sports released information on the major changes for this year’s version of NCAA Football.  The theme of the changes this year definitely seems to be visual, as you can see from the screenshot.  Most years, the NCAA tends to lack the “aesthetic appeal” of Madden and other EA Sports titles, but that screenshot implies that 2011 will be different.  The statement said that the team is focusing on attention to detail, adding dynamic helmet numbers and other player uniform variations, making refs that jump out of the way to avoid running into players, etc.

NCAA Football 2011 should be out this August, based on previous years.  Officially, EA has said that the game will drop “this fall”.