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Sony Proclaims PSN Problem Solved

Sony updated their forum that they had fixed the PSN-Clock problem at around 9pm est.  Everyone, it’s safe to turn your PS3s on.  Apparently the time on the machine should be correct, but if it hasn’t reset it should be ok to modify it….

Crisis Averted.

ALERT: PSN Downed by Clock Error, Sony Urges gamers to stop using Consoles until Further Notice

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw reports that PSN went down on Sunday night I dismissed the problem as minor and didn’t bother to post on it.  Boy, I learned my lesson.  As complaints resound across the internet of the downed Playstation Network, Sony has been updating gamers throughout the day on the problem.

Heres the skinny:  As of now, Sony is saying that the problem  stems from the system’s clocks reverting to 2000, which causes PSN to crash and possibly delete some users data Y2K-style.  The problem only affects older PS3 users:  Anyone who owns the most recent “Slim”-version PS3 shouldn’t notice a thing…  Other than a distinct lack of competition online.  Sony says that they think they will fix the problem “in the next 24 hours” (Less now, ostensibly, as they said that this afternoon); however, Sony recommends that users that have or would be effected by the problem (non-Slim PS3 owners) not turn on their systems until Sony announces that they’ve solved the problem because, if you lose any data, there won’t be any way to get it back.  Achievement Hogs:  That means you may have start from scratch if you turn your systems on!

Obviously, this is a shitty situation but Sony seems to be doing all they can to fix the problem so, rather than yell and complain, the best thing to do right now is just listen to what they have to say.

Games4Thought will be here to let everyone know when it’s ok to turn your PS3 back on.