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Super Smash Bros Goes 8-Bit

I’m willing to bet that many, if not most Super Smash Bros fans have wondered what the series would have looked like on Nintendo’s older consoles like SNES, NES and Game Boy.  Super Smash Land FINALLY gives us answers, transposing Nintendo’s number one fighting series to Game Boy-like graphics, etc.

Creator Dan Forace is very passionate about his de-make, though.  The full game has not been released yet, but you get your retro Smash jollies by downloading the demo for windows here.  (Or, if you’re a Mac gamer like me, you can just watch the trailer and drool…)

Via Joystiq

3DS Launch Lineup Detailed


Nintendo released the finalized launch-day lineup for the 3DS today.  In their statement, Nintendo confirmed that most 3DS will cost 40 dollars (US).  There will be 16 launch-day games (18 if you include AR Games and Face Raiders, which come installed on the console.) when the 3DS hits shelves on March 27th.  There are 3 first-party games; Nintendogs + Cats, Pilotwings Resort, and my personal favorite, Steel Diver.  Highlights of t third-party offering include Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Ridge Racer 3D and Madden Football 3D.

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Shirt of the Week/Day: “Now That’s a Hammer, Bro!”


Side Note:  I definitely want to see this way more than the real Thor movie.

Since Teefury only sells their shirts for a single day, you better jump on this fast if you’re interested.  At 12:00 am on Tuesday, it’ll be gone…

Happy Birthday Legend of Zelda!

The original Legend of Zelda on NES went on sale in Japan 25 year ago today.  Link and the Zelda series continue to be among the worlds most recognized gaming icons.  There has been a Legend of Zelda game on every Nintendo console (and one random other one) since the original NES.  Many of those games became generation-defining experiences across each Nintendo console, including Ocarina of Time for the N64, which is often regarded as the single best game ever made. (I’m more of a Link to the Past guy, myself)

So Happy Birthday to Link, Zelda, Gannon and all of their adventures.  Let’s hope Skyward Sword is your best game yet!


Team Ninja Suggests You Play Dead Or Alive Dimensions 3D… Without the 3D

Dead or Alive Dimensions 3D developer Team Ninja is apparently unhappy with how their game looks in 3D.  Lead designer Yosuke Hayashi says that players who want a “hardcore” DoA experience should play the game without the console’s namesake visuals.  It’s  not what you think, though.  Hayashi says that the game’s framerate drops too much when the game is played, so he suggests players turn the 3D off in order to make sure the game runs smoothly.  In 2D, Dimensions runs at a very smooth 60 fps, but when the 3D is on, regardless of the mode or the position on the console’s 3D slider, the framerate regularly drops well below 30 fps.
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Skyward Sword likely Delayed til Fall

Nintendo conceded today that Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will likely be delayed from “early this year”,  til Fall.  Nintendo had said the game be would be at the beginning of 2011, but with very little shown of the game since E3, a delay seemed likely.

At a recent quarterly financial presentation, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that the upcoming Ocarina of Time remake for the DS is expected to ship before Skyward Sword.  At the 3DS presentation in New York, Nintendo said Zelda would not be released in the console’s extended launch period, which will last from the Console initial release on March 27th through this year’s E3, which ends on June 9th.

Knowing all that, Iwata basically said the game will be released no earlier than mid-june.  AAA titles are almost never released during the summer, so realistically the game has chance of actually hitting shelves  before September.

Via GamesRadar

Pokemon Black and White US Release Confirmed, Dated

Nintendo confirmed today that the next pair of Pokemon games, Black and White, will be released in the US and Europe.  The games will be released in the west Spring 2011.  For the Japanese (and import fans) the game will become available far sooner, some time this September.

Check here for more info about Pokemon Black and White.

Nintendo Releases Pokemon Black and White Details

Since the announcement of “Pokemon Black and White”, the first pair of games to advance the plot in four years, I’m sure there has been rioting.  I don’t know where this rioting has actually occurred – there haven’t been any news reports – but I am confident that it’s happening.

Well, if it’s time to put down those flaming bags of dog poop and pay attention; Nintendo released some basic information about “Black” and “White” on Friday via the games’ website. (Yes, it is in Japanese)  While “basic info” may not sound all that exited, if you’re a fan this is exactly the kind of info you’ve been waiting for.

First, we have the trainers.  The protagonists in this game seem to be a little bit older than the series norm.  According to 1up, the website describes trainers as “a stylish young man” and “a young girl with a lively style.”

Next comes the game’s setting:  “Black” and “White” will be set in a far-away region called “Iishu.”  Iishu is a “modern megalopolis with nature and man coexisting”.  Looking at the picture, that can be translated to “giant city with wild Pokemon running around for some reason.”  There may also be an emphasis on water travel…  Though they didn’t mention anything about that.  Nintendo says the region is “far, far away”, so don’t expect any cross-over from previous games.

Saving the best for last, these are the all-new starter Pokemon – the three that players will choose between at the start of the game.  “Mijumaru” is a blue sea-otter with a seashell on its stomach.  “Tsutarja” looks like a lizard with poison ivy on its tail.   Lastly, the pig is called “Pokabu”.

All of this new information has a common theme – Nintendo is distancing itself from previous entries in the series, while maintaining the overall feel that has made Pokemon such a phenomenon.  To date, Nintendo has made no mention of an American release for “Black” and “White.”  Then again, the Japanese release date hasn’t been set either, so there’s still a lot in the air right now.

How To… Build a Portable N64

How much do you love N64?  Do you get sad whenever you have to leave your house without it?  Well modder Bacteria felt your pain, and he spent four whole months devoted to fixing the problem.  Until…


The portable N64 looks like one of those crappy Tiger handheld games, but it plays N64 Games!  It has a five inch screen, speakers and a built-in rumble pack.  One downside – it needs two camcorder batteries for three hours of juice.

As far as I know, Bacteria has no plans to sell these things, but he posted a series of videos showing you how to make your own.  All you need is a PSone screen, an N64, a rumble pack, a memory card, an N64 controller and a PSone controller… and some other stuff…  (making that case might be a little tough)

Still, it’s an awesome device.  If you have a spare N64 lying around, or if you REALLY want to play Star Fox and Smash Bros on the bus, it seems like an epic and worthwhile undertaking.  (Thanks, Gizmodo)

Metroid: Other M, Sin & Punishment 2 Delayed

Nintendo confirmed today that they will be pushing back the release of two high-level titles, “Metroid: Other M” and “Sin & Punishment 2”.  Rumors arose yesterday that the games would be pushed back after an employee at gaming retail chain “Play-N-Trade” said that the store planned to change their official release dates.  Unfortunately, the wait for “Metroid: Other M” just  got quite a bit longer; the game, originally set to drop on June 27th, won’t be in stores until August 31st now.  Meanwhile, “S&P2” has been moved back from June 7th into Metroid’s original date, June 27th.  Nintendo hasn’t given an official reason for the delays, but told Kotaku:

“this game [Metroid: Other M] is the product of a unique partnership between longtime Metroid producer Yoshio Sakamoto, Team Ninja and many other individuals and groups, all of whom have set very high standards for this latest installment in the series. Although it’s taking slightly longer than expected to complete the project, we’re confident that fans will find it to be well worth the wait.”

In other words, they’re just not going to finish in time.

Just remember kids; though the announcement is a real bummer, it’s true what they say; “Good things come to those who wait.”