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E3 News – Valve Cancels Portal 2 Event, Announces “Surprise”

With E3 less than two weeks away, it’s finally time to stop mentioning the show and start actually talking about it!  Unfortunately, the our prE-3 news could be considered bad news, though I have a feeling it’ll turn out to be for the best.  Valve announced yesterday that they are canceling their “Portal 2” unveiling event, which was set for June 14th, just before the official show began.  Bummer.

Like I said, its not bad news though – Valve said that, instead of the “Portal 2 event”, there will be a “surprise” event for attendees.  Also, Valve’s note ensures E3 attendees, and the public, that Portal 2 will be on display and available for screenings at the Valve booth during the main show.  (Read the whole note after the jump, courtesy of 1up)

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Rumor: Portal 2 Will Be Released on PS3

Ever since the PS3 “Orange Box” debacle, developer Valve has pretty much refused to put any of their games (“Left 4 Dead”, “Portal”, etc) on PS3.  So it’s surprising that the newest issue of PSM3 magazine will feature a preview of Valve’s next project “Portal 2”.  When Portal 2 was originally announced, Valve said that the game would be released for PC and Xbox 360.  Later they said that the PC version will also work on Macs.

Since Valve has yet to officially confirm the news, so we’ll leave this one in the rumor column for now.  That said, PSM3 is a reliable source, so it’s relatively a safe bet as far as rumors ago.

Valve Announces Steam for Mac

After weeks of hinting, Developer Valve finally announced today that they will be releasing a version of the subscription-based PC game service Steam for Macintosh computers.  The Mac version, which will debut in April, will bring “Left 4 Dead 2”, the Half-Life series, Team Fortress 2 and Portal right away.  Valve plans to begin simultaneously releasing games on Valve for both Mac and Windows gamers, beginning with their next big hit, “Portal 2”.

The developer made sure to highlight that the Mac version of steam will work exactly the same as the original, with a single addition:  “Steam Play”, the only new feature announced, allows gamers who buy a game on one platform to re-download what they’ve purchased at no additional cost.